Our Bottle is made
from Sugarcane

Conventional plastics are made from oil/petroleum. We all know how bad oil based products are for the environment, so to be able to grow rather than drill for the raw materials is on its own an advantage. When sugarcane grows it absorbs carbon out of the environment, whilst oil is one of natures greatest emitters.

Our Bottle is Compostable

Broadly speaking, there are three possible outcomes for used material; 1/ landfill (worst case), 2/ recycled - and more often than not 
down cycled (medium case), and 3/ composted (best case).

Our bottle is compostable, which means after 12 weeks in the right conditions it turns back into soil.

A Greener Disposal

Compostable does not mean that if left on the street it will disappear. Composting requires specific conditions to be achieved, and you should ask your council if they accept food waste. Compostable packaging can be mixed with food waste (unlike recyclable waste which needs to be washed of food waste).

A Completely
Circular Solution

Part of our mission is to help create a world where all packaging is made from renewable plant materials.